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”… Thank you once again for your great English lessons. Though I have a long experience in the world of business I must truly admit that while attending your English for Business Course I got a really profound knowledge of the language in this field. I would suggest to all those ones who want to deal with business to attend your Course because it is worth doing so. You are very professional. Thank you once again!
Ch.V. (Vienna, 30 November 2013)


”… I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your English Course these 5 weeks.
I know it is not easy to teach a bunch of so different people in search of a job. Some are interested in learning a lot and some not. But like a real professional you managed to keep us all interested in your lessons and we had even a lot of fun.
Last but not least, I want to let you know how much you have impressed me with your personality. You are such a great, unique and special person and I felt all the time so much comfortable with you. My English now is greatly improved and that thanks to your hard work.
I will never forget my best English teacher ever. Five weeks with the very best and most lovely special one – with you Mimoza.
Thanks a lot for all!
Ch.S. (Vienna, July 2013 )


”… I feel so happy that I was assigned to attend your English Course.
I am happy that you taught me English. I am happy that we shared our lives for 5 weeks. I am happy that you brought back a smile on my face. I am the happiest that I can speak better English now.
Thank you very, very much!
N. B. (Vienna, 29 May 2013 )


”… Today is my last day in this class. Thank you so much for your patience.
You were really so professional and convincing in teaching us English. Working with Idioms and phrasal verbs was interesting and funny. Each day was different from the previous one. It was really great to be with you and learn with you.
Hope to see you again,
Your thankfully student,
B. M. (Vienna, 2 May 2013)


”… I have to thank you so much. You can’t realize how much you give to your students, so much more than just only English-knowledge. You are so a great positive and unique person with a very great aura.
Thank you so much for making me happy and for making me speak English.
Hope you are doing well and make further students happy and speak better English like me.
I enjoyed your course so much just because of two reasons, because of the English language I like so much and because of the so special friendly, positive and human teacher I had.
I wish you much more than just luck, in every case health, the most important thing.
Have a great time,
With much gratefulness,
Ch.P. (Vienna, July 2013)


”… Thanks for the wonderful 5 weeks. You are simply the best.
It was very funny and we will miss the time. We will also miss the discussion classes. The topics were interesting and up to date. Our English is so much improved.
See you soon,
P & E (Vienna, December 2012)


”…I am the luckiest one to learn English with you. I thank my parents a lot because they made it possible for me to attend your course. Working with TOEFL and getting prepared for the exam was not that easy. Your way of teaching and your smile made me succeed. You gave the biggest present-English.
I thank you for everything, I thank you for teaching me but above all I thank you for your wise advice.
Your student,
F.J. (Tetovo, Macedonia, 25 September 2010)


”…You didn’t teach us only English in a perfect and professional way, but you taught us more than that. You taught us to love life, and to respect each other. Learning English with you was the best experience ever. We were lucky to know a person like you and to meet a teacher like you!
With all my love,
Your student,
V.B. (Tetovo, Macedonia, February 2008)


”… It was a pleasure to know a person like you and to meet a teacher like you, with a lot of knowledge and good humour. You are so special because you changed my life. You taught me English as none taught me before and what is more you taught me the perception of human character and behaviour. You are the only person that made me progress, improved my vocabulary and enriched it with different beautiful and useful phrases I will never forget.
Therefore I will always be grateful to you. You are the person with the heart of gold.,
D.F. (Tetovo, Macedonia, March 2008)


”… I am writing to you from Malaysia. You know, I am living my dream I had for a long time.
That dream came true just thanks to you, thanks to the English language you taught me. Learning in your course was full of interesting things which will never repeat again. I will save those wonderful moments in my heart forever.
I am very proud of my English. A lot of my friends, even all my professors here asked me where I studied it…
I think this is the best news for you, and of course it is! First I did EPT (English Placement Test) when I came here, and you know what? My English was for the 6-th level. There were 6 Levels of English to pass in order to join the Faculty. And I was one of them who succeeded.
I will always be so thankful and grateful to you.
V. I. (Malaysia, 8 March 2007)


”… I am so happy to write to you. Though I am in London, miles away, surrounded by lots of friends I still think about the time we shared together in your English Course.
You have a special place in my heart. I want to tell you something which of course will make you happy. It was a meeting day with all my teachers and school friends when I went to get my GCSEs results. As soon as they gave us the envelope I opened it and a smile lighted up my face.
Then my tutor came and said to everybody:”Do you see this girl? She came in London a year ago and she managed to achieve grades to B which is brilliant for that short period of time. We didn’t expect that”. Then I started talking about you, and to be honest I was so proud of you, the way you used to teach us. It’s really wonderful…Thanks a lot!!!
M.V. (London, 27 November 2004)


”… Thank you for your patience to teach me English. Thank you for giving me the possibility of finding a better job. Knowing English in a perfect way helped me to reach my goal. You are so special; the best present life gave to me. I will always make you feel proud of me.
Thanks again and again!
Your lovely student,
M.B. (Prosqejove, Check Republic, December 2000)


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